Bumpers, Gutters, And Capping


Bumper System

Automatic bumper system is powered by an air compressor that will be stored in the service area behind your bowling pinsetters. For your convenience automatic bumpers are controlled with your bowling front desk system. 

Automatic bowling bumper system uses a black railing to keep the ball on the lane surface while bowlers play. The black pvc material helps hide ball scuff marks that might appear over the years of use.

Our bumper pivot arms are made out of an extremely durable PVC that can handle the day to day abuse of bowling balls hitting them without breaking. As a standard bumper pivot arms are black light reactive.

Gutter System

Bowling gutters, starter blacks, and adapter blocks a black color to help hide and ball scuffs that may occur over time while simultaneously creating a rich upscale look. Made from a hard durable PVC plastic they will stand the test of time.

Gutters are held in place by a quick reals clip system that makes for a quick and easy remove in case a ball gets lodged under the lanes.

Lighted Capping

Division and return capping both come in a black color. This creates a uniform look across the entire bumper gutter and capping system. Division capping is equipped with a diffuser lens and RGB LED light strips to create a lighting effect that will brighten your guests day. This will surely level up your cosmic bowling game. This is a feature open play bowlers love as it creates a fun night environment!

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