Duckpin Bowling Lanes

The Ultimate Social Bowling Experience!

Duckpin Bowling Lanes That Will Enhance Your Venue

A complete turnkey system for adding the fun of bowling to your space. Perfect for businesses looking to generate additional revenue or homes looking to create more smiles.

  • Installation Included
  • Compact Design
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Loads of FUN!





Duckpin Bowling Solutions

3 Year Warranty

Here at Ertto™ we offer the most reliable duckpin bowling system on the market. Our service is backed by a 3 year warranty, which is more than anyone in the industry! That means minimal downtime for your lanes and added profits in your wallet.

Our duckpin bowling lanes are built using the same high end and robust materials we use in when building traditional bowling lanes. That means your system will stand the test of time and be ready to handle whatever you roll at it!


Ertto™ offers the most features of any duckpin bowling system!

  • Nostalgic Bowling Ball Return
  • Industrial Design Square Mesh Masking Unit
  • Lighted Capping On Both Sides Of Lanes
  • Compact Lane Design

The Ultimate Social Bowling Experience

Duckpin Bowling Equipment

String Pinsetter

Ertto duckpin bowling uses a string pinsetter machine. This is ideal for businesses and homes as it requires very little maintenance and is easy for anyone to work on.

Masking Unit

Duckpin bowling lanes feature and industrial design masking unit. These masking units help act as barrier to seperate guests from the pinsetter machines while also holding the scoring monitors far from reach.

Bowling Lanes

Our system is constructed of the same durable materials we use when building full size bowling. These lanes are not only tough but look incredible when paird with RGB lighting.

RGB Lighting

Create an incredible experience for your guests with RGB lighting. Not only do our lanes have color changing LED’s running down the sides of the lanes, the pins are also illuminated by colorful lightbars.

Nostalgic Ball Return

Our duckpin system features the nostalgic above ground ball return system. Bowlers can watch their ball return back to them  on the above ground ball return then retrieve it from the sleak and minimalistic rack.

Lounge Seating

Make your duckpin lanes a staple attraction by adding lounge seating. Give your bowlers a place to site and eat while they strike up some fun.


Questions we are frequently asked.

How Much Space Do I Need For Duckpin Bowling

The width for a pair of lanes is 11-1″ and the length is 24′-8″. Additional lane sections or a step up approach can be added.

Every additional pair of lanes will add 11′ to the overall width.

Do You Need To Use Bowling Shoes?

No special shoes are required. Our duckpin lanes allow your guests to bowl standing on your existing floor. This eliminates the hassle of deal with shoe rentals or having to build expensive ada compliant ramps.

What is the difference between full size bowling and duckpin bowling?

Not only are the lanes significantly shorter, less than half, the duckpin bowling bowling system also uses smaller balls and pins.

How long is each game?

Each game of duckpin bowling is 10 frames long with up to 3 throws per frame. The maximum score a player can recieve is 300 for a perfect game. The average player will take 10 minutes to complete a game.

A faster 5 frame game can be implimented for fast turnaround in arcade settings. This game would be roughly 4-5 minutes.

How much should I charge guests to bowl?

In our studies we have duckpin Bowling will generate the most revenue when owners charge anywhere from $5 – $10 per player per game. Some venues opt to charge by the hour. The costs for hourly game play can vary from $15-$40 per player per hour depending on the venue and location.

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