String Pinsetter Machine


Why String Pinsetters

String Pinsetters have dramatically increased in demand over time simply due to the lack of maintenance needed on these relatively quiet machines. The smooth nature of the machine requires far less moving parts as well. Traditional Pinsetters have up to 3000 moving parts, whereas our String Pinsetters have less than 50 moving parts creating a seamless nature and an easy repair system.

String pinsetters consume 75% less energy than traditional free fall pinsetters. String pinsetters accomplish this by only turning on once a ball makes contact with bowling pins, and the pins are being reset. Traditional free fall pinsetters are constantly running even while the lane sits idle. String pinsetters can opperate off of 220v-240v without the need of a Buck-N-Boost.

Because of the low energy consumption and low maintenance, there are many benefits your center or alley can enjoy by installing string machines. ehey will drasticall reduce overhead and labor cost as you will eliminate the need for a licensed mechanic. String pinsetters are also much quieter than free fall pinetters helping eliminate all that unwanted and excess noise.

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