Masking Units


Masking Graphic Library

Update your center with a graphic from our large library of artwork. These can be printed to fit into our frames or any existing frame you already have.

Video Masking Units

Video masking units are a sure way to entertain you guest. Display anything you’d like on them from eye catching visuals, to movies, sports, and even more! The possibilities are endless!

Masking Unit Frames

Ertto offers various size frames to fit your center. Our standard frame is our 8 foot, but if you looking to make a big impression consider going with our 10 foot! And if you’re really crazy our 15 foot frames!

Masking Graphics Library

Ertto has one of the largest selections of graphics for you to choose from. We have wide variety of graphic styles such as patterns, themes, and city skylines.

Modify one of our existing graphics to better fit your center. We add your logo or alter the color scheme to compliment your venues existing design.

Glow Enhanced

Upon request, FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE, graphics can be enhanced with glow inks. This means that when the graphics are exposed to UV black light the entire image glows in the dark! Graphics are also printed on glow UV reactive paper to make the graphics pop even more!

Customize Graphics

Work with our creative team to create a graphic unique to your center! Or start with one of our existing graphicsand customize it to your liking. This includes but is not limited to altering colors to match your color scheme and adding your logo to the graphic.

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String Pinsetter

Ertto uses a string pinsetter machine. This is ideal for businesses and homes as it requires very little maintenance and is easy for anyone to work on.

Bowling Lanes

These lanes are not only tough but look incredible when paird with RGB lighting. Choose from our signature white lanes or classic birch colored lanes.

Gutters and Bumpers

Our gutter and bumper system is the sturdiest yet most flexible pair on the market today. 

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