Synthetic Bowling Lanes


We provide durable long lasting bowling lane surfaces in prestige designs, made of high-quality materials. 

We offer bowling lane surfaces in color of your choice. Our most popular colors are the tradtional birch and our signature white lanes.  A uv glow effect can be added to any lane color in various patterns for an incredible effect when pair with UV black lights.

Synthetic lane surfaces are made of thick homogenous High Pressure Laminate (HPL), which is specially developed for bowling lanes. The raw material is impregnated with special formulas of plastics and then compressed under high pressure. The result is an optimal bowling lane surface that meets all required technical specifications for the best bowling performance and sliding characteristics of approach lanes.

Signature White Lanes

When creating a bowling center or touching up on already existing lanes, why not create a unique look that will guarantee in capturing one’s attention. We have achieved just that. Stand out of the crowd with extraordinary colored lane options that will not only bring in new customers but also maintain their full attention.

Bowling Lane Panels

  • Textured approach panels
  • Foul lines
  • UV Reactive “GLOW” Lanes
  • Color lanes and lane prints available
  • 5 year manufacture warranty
  • 10 year warranty against delamination
  • Color options availablee

Lane Package

A standard synthetic bowling lane kit includes:

  • Approach Panel
  • Approach Filler Panel
  • Dot Panel
  • Arrow Dart Panel
  • 3 Common Panels
  • Pin Deck

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