10-Pin Bowling Construction

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Bowling Alley Builders

A complete turnkey system for adding the fun of bowling to your space. Perfect for businesses looking to generate additional revenue or homes looking to create more smiles.

    • Home Bowling Installations
    • Family Entertainment Center
    • Boutique/Lounge Bowling Center
    • “Café” Style Lanes (shortened lanes)





    Bowling Solutions

    Bowling For A Business

    Bring the fun and excited of bowling into your business. Whether you have an existing business or new business our team will had the equipment and services needed to add bowling to your venue.

    Connect with our team today to learn which style of bowling would be the best fit for your business. Our team will also provide you with the information and specifications needed to get your project under way.

    Bowling Alley In A Home

    Ertto™ offers residential bowling lane installation services. Wether you are updating your existing home or building from the ground up we can help you.

    Our team members can provide you with crucial information needed during your planing stages such as space requirements and electrical needs. Learn how we can modify bowling lanes to best fit your space.

    Turnkey Bowling Solutions

    How Big Is A Bowling Alley?

    As a standard all bowling lanes are built to meet USBC specifications. A pair of lanes has a width of 133″ and a length of 88′-6″. It is recommended to have 10′-16′ in front of the lanes for seating.

    While there is a standard length for lanes they can always be adjusted to better fit your space. Contact our team for help with determining the best way to fit bowling lanes into your space.

    For more details download our free space requirements below.

    Bowling Equipment

    String Pinsetter

    Ertto uses a string pinsetter machine. This is ideal for businesses and homes as it requires very little maintenance and is easy for anyone to work on.

    Digital Media Wall

    Entertain your guests with thrilling motion graphics or entertainment on a large projection screen spanning the width of a pair of lanes.

    Bowling Lanes

    These lanes are not only tough but look incredible when paird with RGB lighting. Choose from our signature white lanes or classic birch colored lanes.

    RGB Lighting

    Pins are illuminated with our RGB UV light bars. Enhance your center with a splash of color accross your lanes.

    Gutters and Bumpers

    Our gutter and bumper system is the sturdiest yet most flexible pair on the market today. 

    Rental Shoes and Bowling Ball

    All bowling packages will include house bowling balls as well as various sized shoes that can be used for rentals.

    Overlane Lighting

    A premium add on we offer is our over lane lighting package.

    Ball Storage Racks

    With our lounge furniture packages ball storage racks can be seperate or built into the backs of sofas to make the most of the space

    Lounge Seating

    Deliver the ultimate experience with premium quality lounge seating. Give your guests a place to sit between turns and also increase your F&B sales.


    Questions we are frequently asked.

    How Much Space Do I Need For A Bowling Alley

    The width for a pair of lanes is 11′-1″ and the length is 88′-7″.

    It is reccomended to have additioanl space in front of the lanes for seating. Most common seating areas will range from 10′ to 16′ in length.

    Are bowling balls and shoes required?

    Yes, with any purchase of bowling lanes house balls and shoes in various sizes will be provided.

    What is the difference between full size bowling and mini bowling?

    Not only are the lanes significantly shorter, less than half, the mini bowling bowling system also uses smaller balls and pins.

    Is installation included?

    Yes, with all of packages installation by our team is included as well as training for your staff.

    Can you install on a second floor or basement?

    Yes. While they’re maybe additional costs due to added labor and equipment, bowling lanes can be installed on a level other than the ground floor.

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